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In Fertility
Chapter Eleven: Long Distance Booty Call

After about a week back in Maryland, it appears that my mother is doing better than we - or at least I - expected. She gets tired easily, but is generally strong. The living room has been converted into a makeshift hospital room, complete with hospital bed, oxygen tanks, charts on clipboards and bottles upon bottles of pills, but other than that, it feels much like a normal visit home. It’s not like she’s out of the woods or anything - she is still in hospice care – but her quality of life doesn't seem significantly worse than it has been over the last couple of months.

The time has come, however, for the next “baby-bout” and I get the 3,000-mile booty call from Lyena. At 2AM one morning, she calls me, drunk, and says, “I want you. I need you. I must have you. NOW!” I immediately jump in the car, speed to the airport and shove my way onto the next plane headed to LA. When I land, Lyena is waiting in nothing but a trench coat and feather boa. We make it no farther than the car before she shreds off my clothes and takes me like the raw hunk of man-flesh that I am.

Okay. So maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that.

In actuality, it was several conversations over several days as Lyena got a series of ultrasounds and we determined our optimal moment of fertilization.

And instead of a trench coat and boa, it was yoga pants and a t-shirt.

And instead of actual, you know, sex, it was a speculum and syringe.

And instead of a car, it was Dr. VaJayjay’s office.

And instead of me, it was Dr. VaJayjay.

Other than that, it happened just like I said.

Up next... On The Road Again

1 comment:

  1. Dean, I am really enjoying reading your story! I love the quirky (sometimes twisted) take on things from your male perspective plus your writer's wit and way with words plus your innocence/ignorance about many things OBGYN.

    However, this time delay thing is really annoying! I want to know the bottom line now! I want to cry with you now or laugh with you now about what is going on with you now. Having spent time with your dear mother, I can sort of figure out a real time line just enough to know how off kilter the postings are. I understand and empathize with your reasoning for the delay. So, I am not asking that you do anything differently; just know that I am on the edge of my seat and am crossing all appendages for the health (and sanity) of you and Lyena as you progress on your life journey.

    I don’t like waiting another week for Jack Baur either, but at least with him, I know I only have to wait 6 days and 23 hours. Your episodes are sporadic and unscheduled; you meanie! There is a more personal interest with my friends, the Purvis’ too, than with that fictional hero. You are loved and thought of often!